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ITI Tooling Company offers a full range of precision, top quality Static & Live Tool Holders for most CNC lathes with VDI, BMT and other styles of mounting systems that are available which are manufactured by EWS Tool Technologies and Sauter to meet the highest standards of quality using only the finest materials.

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of VDI tool holders all built in accordance with the latest industry standards. Our tool holders are available for either inch or metric size tooling and are available for 16 through 80mm VDI mounting. We also offer a full line of Static and Driven Tool Holders in BMT (Base Mount Tool) Block style tool sizes: 55, 65. 75 & 85.

Our tool holding fixtures with cylinder shaft conforming to DIN 69880 Ø 16 -80 are made with high-precision quality. The shafts, the teeth as well as the tool bores and steel rests are ground. This also applies to our prisms holders conforming to DIN 69881.


  • Produced with inductive hardened and precision ground “contact” surfaces and tool platforms.

  • The variety of models within our product range offers optimal solutions for a wide variety of tasks. There are more than 25,000 different Live & Static Tool Holders available.

  • Functional designs specifically for complex requirements are as much a feature of our tool holders as are innovative solutions in terms of quality and workmanship.

  • Allowing for the machine-specific circumstances we offer many are tool heads with different ratios and design available.

  • Designed with integral coolant passages and hardened steel coolant nozzles for long life.

  • Special designs, tool holder blanks, alignment bars, test mandrels and presetting equipment also available…

  • With our  VARIA Quick Change product line we has developed a sophisticated modular system designed for lathes which reduces the tooling times to a fraction of the previous times. In addition to the required precision, it was operator safety and change speed being the targets of this innovation.


Twelve good reasons for choosing ITI Driven Tools

  1. High spindle rotational accuracy.
  2. Locating face on the Radial (90 Degree) Live tool: allows the adjustment and checking of its position in the machine, even without a tool.
  3. Spindle mounting: optimum stiffness through pre-loaded spindle bearings.
  4. Cooling lubricant supply system (pat.): for internal cooling up to 80 bar, suitable for dry running.
  5. Bevel gears with cyclopalloid tooth systems for optimum power transmission.
  6. Rating plate containing all the relevant essential information.
  7. Separate external KS connection for pipe work.
  8. Aligning system (pat.): minimizes resetting times, improves handling and ensures rapid alignment.
  9. SAUTER Anti-Rotation Element (pat.): the optimum interface for SAUTER turrets and Live Tool Holders type 0.5.941.
  10. Universal shank design (double tooth system): for right and left use in the tool disc.
  11. External cooling lubricant supply: can be individually installed and secured.
  12. Internal clamping nut: for the highest degree of stiffness and the optimum leverage for the spindle bearing system.


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