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DRIVEN Lathe Tooling

Axial and Radial Driven heads

with or without Thru-Tool coolant, "Speeders", Adjustable Angle units, Slot Broaching tools, Multiform tools, Multi-spindle, Gear Hobbing, Quick-Change systems and more.  

ITI Tooling Co. Inc.  is a unique and experienced supply company, offering the most extensive range of top-quality Driven and Static Tool Holders for most CNC Machines from around

the world.


Standard 90 Degree And Adjustable Angle heads for BT, CAT and SK taper Machining Centers allowing vertical, horizontal and angular operations without re-positioning the work piece.

STATIC Lathe Tooling

VDI tool holders with shaft diameters of 16-80 as well as BMT55-BMT85 block tool holders to machine-specific holders for Samsung, Doosan, WIA, Okuma,Mazak and Mori Seiki, to name just a few.

DRIVEN Swiss Tooling

High quality, durable Swiss Driven tools with close-to-perfect run-out for the manufacturing of precision  parts  for Star and Citizen machines.

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