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The quick change tool holding system EWS-Varia (VX) allows the operator to set-up a modern CNC lathe or a turning milling center in record time– and this flexibly.


A tool change will just take 20 seconds, which is an unbeatable argument especially in small batch productions whenever it is about reducing the set-up time and thus increasing the productivity.


The advantages, however, are also evident in large batch productions. Preset twin tools lie at the machine, thus significantly reducing the down-times.


EWS-Varia is available for nearly all lve tool holders from VDI25 and BMT55, up to VDI 60 and BMT85.

VARIA Quick Change System

A further advantage is provided by the variety of adaptations; so the optimal tool clamping can be selected for each operation. The inserts available include:


  • Collet chuck holders

  • Weldon/Whistle Notch

  • Milling arbors

  • Morse tapers

  • Hydro extension

  • Shrink adaptations

The most important advantage is certainly created by the easy handling.


The inserts can be changed with just one hand without counter pressure by the spindle. The holders are released from the machine by a mechanically impinged ejector system, so that agglutination by coolants will no long occur.


This solution reduces the risk of injury of the machine operator to nearly zero.

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