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Gear hobbing on CNC lathes without B-axis


Years ago, EWS was the first tool manufacturer to offer gear hobbing heads in its standard range, and has continued to develop the holders for gearing technology ever since then.



With this technology, it became possible for the first time to produce external gearing on machines without a Y/B-axis. In contrast to a standard milling wheel holder, the tool head of the EWS modular cutter can be swivelled about the axis of the shank.



This offers users the advantage of substituting a B-axis with a comparatively small investment.



In the meantime, module 3 has become commonplace on VDI40/BMT65/BMT75 machines. The tool heads have become more stable at the same time as being more user-friendly.



The alignment system using a sinusoidal profile has come into widespread use and saves considerable alignment and setup times. 

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