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EWS Mutiform

Make any centric or eccentric form desired

4, 6, or 8 edged, polygonal or free form with the EWS Multiform on the CNC turning/milling machines


Free forms that used to be impossible can now be made with EWS Multiform on turning/milling or machining centres.


For a six-edge outside the centre or a four-edge in the centre, additional processing steps such as reaming or eroding were necessary up until now. If a position change was also needed, complicated devices were needed for processing.


This is now all possible with one chuck.


What is behind this?


EWS Multiform uses a custom internal cam disc unit to produce the required form. For conventional geometry like squares or hexagons, there are standard cam discs available. The cam forces the cutting tool to follow a path in order to get the desired geometric shape. Of course you can’t defy the laws of physics which means that there will be a small radius on the edges.


The multiple new possibilities however will allow engineers to come up with new processes for manufacturing. ID and OD slots, offset squares and straight polygons are examples of an endless list of opportunities. To see what shapes are possible all that needs to be done is verify with EWS application engineering.




  • The needed profile is created by using a cam disc. Both standard and customs versions are available.

  • The drive runs in the turret just like a driven tool.

  • Note: Constraint for turrets with permanently running driven tools as the rotation speed is limited to max. 1,000 RPMs.



  •  Turret for driven tools

  •  For machines VDI20 - VDI50 and BMT55 - BMT75

Working range:

  • Size 1:   Square 4 - square 14           
                   Hexagon 4 - hexagon 21


  • Size 2:    Square 4 - square 22
                    Hexagon 4 - hexagon 36

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