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  • preset cutting tools are laying ready at the machine

  • quick change through only one clamping point

  • no risk of injury when changing tools

  • clamping of the inserts without any radical force

  • safe torque transmission

  • no loose parts



  • Varia V3 + VX3 = VDI25 / VDI30 / BMT55

  • Varia V4 + VX4 = VDI40 / BMT65

  • Varia V5 = VDI50 / VDI60 / BMT75 / BMT85

The EWS-Varia VX quick-change system is now available for the complete bandwidth. The taper/planar support interface ensures maximum concentric accuracy.


The torsional moment happens with a positive polygon that transfers up to 200 Nm.


The tightening and release takes place via a turn gear segment with 3 multifunctional cams.


When a radially attached tension screw is tightened, the 3-point tension pulls the tool insert evenly into position. When releasing, the insert is mechanically loosened via sliding cams and released from the holder for removal.


For use in inner cooling, a diametrically acting membrane seal ensures the leak-free coolant transfer between adapter and VX insert, thus bringing the medium directly to the cutter.


With VX, the Innovation Prize winning Varia system makes the step towards the new modularity meets the demands of future tool machining generations and the most modern machining technologies.  

Varia VX

the new quick-change system for heavy cutting

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