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VDI & BMT Block Static Tool Holders.

There is no other manufacturer in the world offering such a variety of products: More than 25,000 different tool holders are available for machine operators.

Our portfolio includes VDI tool holders with shaft diameters of 16 thru 80mm as well as BMT block tool holders of BMT55-BMT85 to machine-specific holders for KIA (WIA), MAZAK, Doosan, DMG, Nakamura, Emco Maier, Hurco, YCM, Samsung, Hwacheon, Okuma or Mori Seiki, to name just a few.

We also offer Dovetail tool holders according to DIN 69881 (VDI3425 Bl.3) in all nominal sizes.

Our standard portfolio includes Capto, HSK, KM and ABS adaptations in addition to the standard holders.

Moreover, our scope of supply includes special holding fixtures made according to customer drawings or innovative solutions of the engineers designed to master production engineering challenges.

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