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ITI - EWS Varia

Quick Change Tooling System.

ITI - EWS Varia VX

The new quick-change system for heavy cutting

ITI - EWS Gear Hobbing

Solutions for CNC Lathes

ITI - EWS Drillstar

Execute 3 drill or boring operations without a tool change.

ITI - EWS Multiform

Make any centric or eccentric form desired...

ITI - EWS Slot

Keyway broaching on lathes driven by the tool turret of the machine.

EWS Tool Technologies


ITI - EWS Tool Technologies

Multiform, Gear Hobbing and Push Slotting with the right tooling from EWS

ITI - EWS Center Point

ITI Angle Head - AHA - ER40

Tapping in S50C

ITI Angle Head - AHL 

Side Milling

ITI Angle Head - AHK 

Dry Cutting and Side Milling

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