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SAUTER Driven Tools

Sauter turrets and Sauter tooling, individually or combined they are in a class of their own – a solid foundation for precise, rapid production. Use them together and you have the perfect Sauter fit.


Whether driven tools, tool holders or quick change systems - when it comes to turning, Sauter has the solutions. Needless to say our products are perfectly matched in a way that guarantees unequalled standards of efficiency, reliability and consistently high productivity.


Sauter spindle heads impress by virtue of their outstanding quality. Thermal inspections ensure the best possible distribution of lubricating grease and the minimisation of temperature variations ensuring, in turn, prolonged serviceability. 

Twelve good reasons for choosing Sauter driven tools

  1. High spindle rotational accuracy

  2. Locating face on the angled spindle head: permits the adjustment and checking of its position in the machine, even without a tool

  3. Spindle mounting: optimum stiffness through prestressed spindle bearings

  4. Cooling lubricant supply system (pat.): for internal cooling up to 80 bar, suitable for dry running

  5. Bevel gears with cyclopalloid tooth systems for optimum power transmission

  6. Rating plate containing all the relevant essential information

  7. Separate external KS connection for pipework

  8. Aligning system (pat.): minimises resetting times, improves handling and ensures rapid alignment

  9. Sauter anti-rotation element (pat.): the optimum interface for Sauter turrets and spindle heads type 0.5.941.

  10. Universal shank design (double tooth system): for right and left use in the tool disc

  11. External cooling lubricant supply: can be individually installed and secured

  12. Internal clamping nut: for the highest degree of stiffness and the optimum leverage for the spindle bearing system

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